The PSLF Coalition consists of over 90 organizations committed to supporting Public Service Loan Forgiveness. PSLF is the only educational debt program specifically targeted at public service professionals. For those with the passion and qualifying education, but also educational debt, PSLF makes a career in public service  possible. ​

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In the face of COVID-19, we recognize that many who are on the frontlines fighting to protect and support our communities are our public service professionals: those working in public health, public safety, and public education. These public service professionals include first responders, nurses, and doctors, who are all putting their lives on the line to care for us. Teachers who are working to ensure that learning can continue and school counselors who are finding new ways to connect with and support students. As well as social workers, firefighters, and legal aid lawyers who are ensuring our communities are supported and safe.

To all public service professionals: we are grateful for your service to our communities and country. Thank you.

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