Support Public Service Loan Forgiveness

We are a coalition of more than 100 nonprofit and public service organizations committed to supporting Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

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PSLF is the only educational debt program specifically targeted at public service professionals. After working in a full-time public service position for 10 years while making ongoing monthly student loan repayments, borrowers are eligible to earn forgiveness on their remaining federal loan balance thanks to PSLF.

These public service professionals include first responders, teachers, nurses, social workers, public defenders, and doctors, who are all working full time to support the safety, health, and education of communities across our country.

Public Health

First Responders, Social Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Food Safety Professionals

Public Education

Public and Parochial School Teachers, Special Education Professionals, School Counselors

Public Safety

Prosecutors and Public Defenders, Police and Corrections Officers, Firefighters