My PSLF Testimonial

Jen, Forensic Interviewer in Springfield, MO

Loan Forgiveness means that I can focus on moving forward with saving so that I can feel secure in my future. I have wanted to buy a home previously but had been unable to save due to my monthly student loan payments. I had made payments on time since graduating with my degree in 2005 and then again after graduating with my MSW in 2010. I would watch my balance increase even after making payments for years. Since the beginning of the program, I had my employment certified yearly to stay on track. However, it was obvious the program was not well managed. I oftentimes would get “updated” payment counts that were incorrect or see that my expected payoff date was suddenly pushed out a year. Calling MyFedLoan did not provide answers. The waiver was a saving grace. I knew I was close to having my payment amounts but still had an additional $13,000 in FFELP loans that did not qualify for forgiveness. I chose many times to not consolidate as I had heard my payment count would start over. With the waiver these loans became eligible. I received forgiveness in Feb 2022.

Jen had $80,000 forgiven through PSLF.